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Hello All, Just wanted to ask for volunteer's to help with a SP Mod for RtCW called RoHB (see websit...

25th February 2003 23:02

foodmaniac2003;4027505Errrrr.... Master Chief on an FH sig? Yes, but ofcourse.. Everyone knows tha...

11th November 2007 00:11

well.. if D-Day will be right befor a weekend, I'll stay in work.. Wait for players to download it....

17th October 2007 19:10

Moose12;3986128But we do need an icelandic person...hmmm. :lookaround:

19th October 2007 17:10

yeah I kinda figured.. as far as I know though, I'm the only Icelander still playing FH.. but I expe...

19th October 2007 18:10

Good luck mate and stay safe.. We'll keep a room for you on the servers, when you get back :)

22nd October 2007 18:10

I dunno.. If I get my will through one day, far into the future obviously, I get to make a BF1942...

24th October 2007 16:10

Yossarian;4006352Simple solution: just rep the Yoss! Need a reason? I'm awesome! :รพ

30th October 2007 14:10

I'm a throw a wild guess here and say 'Sands of Iwo Jima'? -I think I'm way off, with that one :P

8th November 2007 16:11

Hahahahaha!! "So how was your day at school?" "ohh, Dull... until the stripper showed up and starte...

8th November 2007 21:11

Old Boy.. sick, yet fun.. and good :) -knowing that I'm right..

9th November 2007 16:11

Wasserfaller;4025215that was fast, you're good.[/QUOTE] Or I just have alot of freetime on my hands...

9th November 2007 17:11

Damn it! I SHOULD know that one!! it's Kurosawa, for sure.. but don't remember what film >_

9th November 2007 19:11

ooooh.. aaaAHAHH!! Found it! Rashomon! Now I can go back to work, satisfied.. Nice one MrFancypan...

9th November 2007 21:11

;) Shield;4025467Cross of iron Yes sir.. your turn.

9th November 2007 21:11

Annihilator911;4027283wow so many posts! i didnt know my thread was gonna be this successful.[/QUOTE...

11th November 2007 00:11

I went to the (only) Icelandic War Museum (oddly enough, located far to 800km's away from the capita...

18th September 2007 06:09

Interesting.. really interesting. I haven't tried Multiplayer in it yet, but I did try the singlepl...

11th November 2007 02:11

My FH2 prefrence: Kits/Guns: I'm usually a scout/forward observer. Basicly armed with a rifle, bino...

14th November 2007 06:11

This is starting to be my favorite thread.. Mainly for it's offtopic discussions.. :)

14th November 2007 06:11

I understand that level of.. pure frustration.. that you'd actualy like to shoot the damn thin off a...

14th November 2007 06:11

waaouw.. this thread still going large? :| Don't know what it is with you and really large images t...

14th November 2007 07:11


21st November 2007 17:11

While it would certainly be interesting to see a WWII mod for ArmA, FH in the ArmA engine would loos...

26th November 2007 16:11

Congrats to Future Mr. & Mrs. KIFM :D

27th November 2007 07:11