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My name is Joe, and I approve this idea. The less complicated vehicles (Jeeps, Trucks..) should be...

6th September 2006 00:09

Awsome.. I don't have NGC but I really want to see these shows.. Thanks for the heads up :D

6th September 2006 01:09

Killed in First MinuteCool! Actually get to post in an update thread before the update came through!...

6th September 2006 03:09

Fantastic work! Love the title and the Snake Plane :D Also great work with the statics, I love the...

6th September 2006 04:09

Junkyard pwns the Steam-powered industrial-grade mechanical cat scraping device.

6th September 2006 05:09

Ballistic plate owned by an MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun

7th September 2006 16:09

.. Wheres Germany? :lookaround: [SIZE="1"]*waits for a punch in the face..*[/SIZE]

8th September 2006 20:09

Cool.. Have fun :) And yeah.. we want pictures. More photoshop material :)

8th September 2006 20:09

NoCoolOnesLeft;48473651. Run up to frag-happy area: bunker, tunnel, small house etc. with suspected...

24th March 2009 19:03