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I'm fat. You're all dubies.

14th December 2004 07:12

duct tape is fun.:evilgrin:

1st March 2005 01:03

why stop at duct tape? Lets use epoxy and cheese cloth!

1st March 2005 10:03

My precioussss...

1st March 2005 10:03

Here Here! I came back just for the occasion. Happy B-day mate!:cya:

29th April 2005 00:04

I like alcoholic Cheese

26th May 2005 07:05

ok, for some reason, I can't post. I don't know whats going on but I'm guessing that someone has bee...

11th June 2005 04:06

eh, 7/10

18th December 2004 14:12

I like mine and all but it needs graphics. I was thinking something like a chatting Garfield saying...

14th December 2004 06:12

who do you people suspect is the youngest person on this forum? and I mean besides the 12 year old p...

3rd December 2004 05:12

CataphractLol, alright, Legolas. shut up. I said I couldn't explain it.:mad:

5th December 2004 00:12

CataphractTrust me, it doesn't help to just call them a "fatass." yeh, they might squish you.:Pyth...

3rd December 2004 05:12

physical. mental would get wierd. by the way... who is the six year old?

3rd December 2004 05:12

youd never know. and im not dumb enough to post my age. id never hear the end of it.

3rd December 2004 05:12

DaveMan, you look gothic.

3rd December 2004 05:12

yeh, I mean, what the hell started this?

3rd December 2004 10:12

OctovonMy favourite breakfast food is french toast, or as a few people in this world call it, freedo...

4th December 2004 06:12

TheMirageMoney Codename: Panzer phase 1 Money A joystick for my comp. Money Call of Duty Money...

9th December 2004 01:12

[color=Purple]My room is purple[/color]:)

14th December 2004 06:12

_blitZkRiEG_Indeed it does, but maybe you should go to school to learn instead of geek-out with us?...

9th December 2004 01:12

I want an AK47 assult riffel because my normal AK47 from last year got busted It was funny though....

9th December 2004 01:12

Zondont forget you can always ask one of us to make a sig for you Would u? i had something in min...

11th December 2004 07:12

humm... I shall toast to my brother my homie Dylan Hoffer Tus Roger Yoda the inventor of t...

11th December 2004 08:12

8/10 interesting choice if u met the real me, my user name fits me perfect!

11th December 2004 08:12

I think a special toast to Santa is in order.:bows::bows::bows: I would like to say a few words....

11th December 2004 08:12