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Or just be Coolguy ^^ Be supportive! ^^

30th April 2003 23:04

I just love this guy... ^^

24th July 2003 23:07


30th July 2003 01:07

Originally posted by Beast of War The Yamato took only 3 torpedo's........and 2 bombs to sink. Ofco...

29th July 2003 22:07

Doing first person animations for BF is a pain in the ass... Ask MasterMinder...

29th July 2003 22:07

Ha! Berlusconi owns Italian TV!

29th July 2003 03:07

So why shooting anyway? If you can't see?

28th July 2003 21:07

Hiroshima ? NO ! Stupid idea!

28th July 2003 21:07

Nope... denfinately. Because of commercial reasons (different legal position).

28th July 2003 00:07

Notice: it's the other way round... and the hooks are only half as long as the germans... plus: it's...

27th July 2003 23:07

Got the mappack down finaly... Whos playing with me ? ^^

26th July 2003 01:07

Got it down... Almost despaired during installation. But DON'T ! Some files are just huge! Patienc...

25th July 2003 23:07

Already got 82% down of the Basic... still need the mappack... When will the Server be ready?

25th July 2003 22:07

Hey, the Austrian song was really coool ^^ The german... well... forget it. Here in germany media c...

24th July 2003 23:07

To return to the MG Tripod question... Yes... we have a MG 42 on a tripod in the Stalingrad Map......

1st August 2003 20:08

Do you want to make me cry ? Stop posting pics of beautiful girls! *grrr*

21st July 2003 20:07

@ Geoff: There aren't any... yet.

9th July 2003 00:07

No date given so far.

9th July 2003 00:07

We are debugging the Hell out of FH... that's whats going on right now... As soon as the new class s...

9th July 2003 00:07

That's a possible MG42Maniac... The truth is... we ourselves don't know the date. But end of this.....

6th July 2003 23:07

Infantry rocks in FH... believe me...

5th July 2003 08:07

there is an edit button... and.. hmmm I don't know if you can compare the police... with the milita...

5th July 2003 07:07

It doesn't work... can someone explain it for Idiots like me ? ^^

5th July 2003 07:07

Almost japanese prices in Ireland and we germans are whinig about every € we spend... and we're so r...

5th July 2003 07:07

Nope... the military arm of the NSDAP... There still was the SD... THAT was the Nazi police...

5th July 2003 07:07