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SB1 www.hot.ee/sb1

9th April 2004 08:04

so you think i should use these settings if have 1mb internet connection and 1024mb and gf 6800 and...

7th February 2005 15:02

when i am in the windows the microphone is ok but when i enter the game i hear my own voice throw th...

11th September 2006 13:09

Microphone goes mute when i wanna go play cod 2! i check the mute box that the mute mode is not on,...

30th April 2006 07:04

where i could get a free Ventrilo channel?

16th November 2005 06:11

just got myself a ut2004 and i mayby someone could tell me the most common commands in the game what...

14th October 2005 09:10

well wait one month then they will add quests to.

12th August 2005 15:08

Gunz online and max payne 2 =)

11th August 2005 06:08

anyone here plays this free online game? i started playing this yesterday and its very good, if you...

11th August 2005 06:08

it shows all the time this way,sometimes bigger pikes sometimes smaller.

18th March 2005 21:03

i get this lag all the time even i have a good ping and still the lag o meter shows the lag pikes,it...

18th March 2005 16:03

/cl_timenudge -10 what that command do?

8th February 2005 16:02

/cl_maxpackets 100 /snaps 40 /rate 25000 /com_hunkmegs...

7th February 2005 02:02

contact: [email="sb1@hot.ee"]sb1@hot.ee[/email]

24th May 2004 16:05

man i have tryd to find it there but no result :/ thats why i am here quessing you can help me :/

7th January 2005 21:01

name of the tracks please :/

7th January 2005 18:01

anybody know the soundtrack list in that game?? the soundtrack is really good in there,anybody know...

7th January 2005 11:01

the problem is setting the password on the server some one has put a default password on our server,...

31st October 2004 06:10

like? b more exact :(

23rd October 2004 14:10

the server has such thing on: when someone stands in one place about 2min or is in spectator mode ab...

23rd October 2004 14:10

'YosemiteSam[NL']Here are some, but I am still surching for more (doubt it there are any more ?) I'v...

15th October 2004 08:10

i have a problem with punkbuster in many servers punkbuster throws that error and kicks me, what shl...

17th August 2004 10:08

they shloud add some new maps :p

12th August 2004 07:08

hot.ee/sb1 hi , we are a new clan and looking for members, if you want to join us email us [email=...

12th August 2004 07:08

its a totaly new clan two weeks old maximum :) , no special goals yet. Web is here http://www.hot.ee...

31st May 2004 08:05
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