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Awesome update! Congrats for the new job Natty.

15th January 2009 05:01

Natty Wallo;4806981Please explain what you are doing... explain "boot camp project" :confused: I...

17th February 2009 05:02

Biiviz;4844182Btw, how did the EOD2 campaign go? I thought it was a pretty awesome idea, good way of...

22nd March 2009 18:03

Ts4EVER;4844113I think you need at least a modeler and skinner, for statics. For vehicles and hand w...

22nd March 2009 02:03

First scrims and trainings, with custom tournament maps , will start next week.

21st March 2009 04:03

Cant wait for FH2 Normandy release. Want to play in Europe. Fight in lands of Italy. Join Forgot...

20th March 2009 05:03

Gl@mRock;4808826I have the same problems since 2.15 came out. Same here... never used it since. It...

18th February 2009 22:02

'[130.PzW.Fuchs;4806477']I loved the FHT map Operation Thursday. I can only dream about playing that...

17th February 2009 05:02

That explanation, at least to the 4th dimension part, is based on this awesome video of Carl Sagan....

17th February 2009 05:02

I just hope that Portugal is in the game. That would be great.

17th February 2009 05:02

Uberhauptstormfuhrer;4792275Someone know were i can download the map: FHT Majardah River Valley from...

10th February 2009 09:02

Fantastic update. Im definitely gonna try and do some cooking with that flamethrower. ;)

19th January 2009 22:01

I dont get it.....

10th February 2009 09:02

Great update once again. The next patch seems a little bit closer now. :D

10th February 2009 06:02

Welcome back hamsters!

10th February 2009 06:02

Hello and welcome to the second update regarding the Campaign#4 of Forgotten Honor Tournament Thi...

10th February 2009 06:02

In my opinion suppressing fire would be a great improvement to the overall FH2 experience.

1st February 2009 04:02

Hello and welcome to the first update regarding the Campaign#4 of Forgotten Honor Tournament. Whe...

31st January 2009 00:01

The pattern 14 looks fantastic, cant wait to get my hands on that. And the Typhoon cockpit is amazin...

27th January 2009 09:01

Kev4000;4783408Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big tel...

27th January 2009 08:01

Cant wait... :D

27th January 2009 08:01

NoCoolOnesLeft;4846585 Too early? Ooooh. Maybe too soon.

24th March 2009 05:03