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I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons.

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Well part of the problem is  (or rather was) much like everything else around here, Defy Media. Thei...

11th July 2020 22:07

The news section is my fault. I write all the news and articles and I suffer from a rare neurologic...

11th July 2020 11:07

Nice. What kind of lense are you using there?

11th May 2020 15:05


3rd May 2020 14:05


2nd May 2020 15:05

Tag me, @FileTrekker ⁠ please Zephyr.

28th April 2020 13:04

Posted by Mr. MattPosted by FileTrekkerWelcome to the end of the world.   You always said this day w...

27th April 2020 18:04

Welcome to the end of the world.   You always said this day would come. Hope you're doing well? You...

27th April 2020 17:04

I was testing some coding related things, isn't that right Zephyr?

25th April 2020 21:04

Must repeatedly ping @RadioactiveLobster ⁠ 

25th April 2020 20:04

@RadioactiveLobster ⁠ PLS

25th April 2020 20:04

Innit @RadioactiveLobster ⁠ 

25th April 2020 15:04

Ey up. Anyway, maybe @Mikey  ⁠ has a way of finding the longest ever?

14th April 2020 18:04

Well, I've jumped in and seen two episodes so far, somewhat enjoying it but I am a bit ADD with thes...

9th April 2020 19:04

I took a relatively good picture of my cat today

9th April 2020 19:04

The trend towards HD remasters of games is continuing with the latest developer to join the fray, St...

1st April 2020 12:04

I am not against staying isolated if there's a plan, I just don't see what the next move is. As soon...

30th March 2020 21:03

I noticed you've abused the system a little here.

30th March 2020 21:03

30th March 2020 19:03

Posted by SchofieldPosted by FileTrekkerPosted by SchofieldHad two little toys,Each had a wooden hor...

30th March 2020 19:03


30th March 2020 17:03

I don't really understand how sustainable this is. Society is grinding to a halt and there's enough...

30th March 2020 16:03

Greetings, welcome!

30th March 2020 16:03

Tell us how to avoid assholes, Zephyr.

30th March 2020 16:03

He can't hear you, he's muted.

30th March 2020 16:03