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Default JKA doesn't have much commands but for a list of them type "/cmdlist" in the console and it...

30th May 2004 19:05

:lol::lol: Gothix messed up the url :lol::lol: anyway here is a fixed version of the url Shaderlab

3rd May 2004 11:05

Humm its been a while but i used to have the same prob the only advice i have is to reinstall with a...

30th May 2004 19:05

Ok if you can't figure out the prob then email me the pk3 of it ok (my email is in my signiture) I...

30th May 2004 19:05

Ok your good so far but you need to have the "textures/virtual/virtual2.jpg" in your base so like th...

30th May 2004 19:05

Crap i want it to have light come through when the door is open and to block the light when it is cl...

29th May 2004 17:05

Hey Gothix for the lightblock will it let light through the door when it is open? What do you mean b...

29th May 2004 15:05

Ok guys (sorry for the dubble posts) but I figured out how to do the stage thing now all I need is h...

29th May 2004 09:05

Hey all I was woundering if it is possible to make a door block light and sound when it is closed an...

27th May 2004 15:05

By the way N3G1 its a map not a mod

7th April 2004 13:04

Hey does anyone know why won't upload my map? I don't see any reason why they won't upl...

6th April 2004 22:04

IMALESi don't know. They are down. I hate when this happenswell there back up now!

11th October 2003 21:10

that still doesn't work

7th November 2003 21:11

ok i will give that a shot (i would still like more ideas in case that does not work.)

7th November 2003 20:11

i haven't been doing much JK2 mapping (i have been workin on JKA maps) so i can't quite remember how...

7th November 2003 19:11

when i compile my map it takes forever..... any ideas???:uhm: (NOTE: my .map is only 1 MB)

7th November 2003 19:11

when i compile my map it takes forever..... any ideas??? :uhm: (NOTE: my .map is only 1 MB)

7th November 2003 01:11

yes i found out what was making my compile time so long.... it was my sky shader around my whole m...

8th November 2003 15:11

I think your right bad_kamra21 it sounds posible, but i am no modder so I can't help you here.

12th October 2003 21:10

Sorry to say gotix but your not the only mapper in this world. No matter how hard you try there wi...

12th October 2003 21:10

I'm downloading GtkRadiant-1.3.12 "It's working, It's Working!!!"

12th October 2003 18:10

Niether i used Q3map2

12th October 2003 11:10

I made a smal test map with GtkRadiant-1.3.11-Beta with a speeder bike (well what I think is a speed...

11th October 2003 22:10

Ok i got GTK Radiant working on JA but I want to add a swoop but i don't know the NPC_type thing....

11th October 2003 21:10

I have a question..... would it work if i selected everything made it deltail then put cualk around...

7th November 2003 21:11