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ATTENTION, ATTENTION Calling all non clan members!! Are you looking for a Battlefield Clan? then l...

6th October 2003 21:10

Ok so everyone is saying he's a good guy. He kinda reminds me of Paxton Fettel from F.E.A.R. how hes...

24th February 2006 16:02

Yea I started using editor 42... No need to worry about CFG and LST files. :-)

8th July 2006 02:07

I need a full LST/CFG so I can work on a project for school... Can anyone help me?

6th July 2006 22:07

I hate people that blaim EA for a shitty game(it isnt a shitty game) because the game isnt made by E...

5th July 2006 03:07

If you were talking to me, then why thank you lol. If not, then whos theory? Yeah I forgot where I f...

8th March 2006 01:03

But it was stated by a creator to be very accurate to the storyline. My point tho was that he was ta...

6th March 2006 00:03

I will post a link about this. It goes into detail on the whole HL storyline so far. It includes ima...

5th March 2006 21:03

Ok, I've posted here before and I have more insight... Gman in my oppinion must be an alien. There...

1st March 2006 21:03

i didnt take the time to read this whole thread, but my dad is a former Marine. We got into a conver...

5th February 2006 21:02

Hello everyone, the 3rd Marines Division is looking for active members. Our BF2 division is new and...

30th December 2005 15:12

HEY X THEY SUPPOSED 2 E-MAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!! [email][/email]

26th October 2003 01:10

*psst i think its popular*

27th March 2004 16:03

*psst i think its popular*

27th March 2004 16:03

*psst i think its popular*

27th March 2004 16:03

can anyone post a program to make mods?

26th March 2004 23:03

hey gamefreak looks like u gut ur hands full lol

26th December 2003 18:12

also w/ the my name on it.......[3MD]Fist Alpha[GoMC]

18th November 2003 00:11

id like a sig w/ a blackhawk in DC Basrahs Edge and 3 iraqis shootin at him 2 w/ RPG's and 1 W/ an A...

18th November 2003 00:11

Wolvesgoalie is right, they should do a BF1942 2.0 or something where they update the engine and rec...

18th July 2006 20:07