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I agree. Thank those who who gave up everything thier jobs,famlies,dreams,etc to save the world.some...

6th June 2004 11:06

yep i agree 100% with 5hifty we should all thank those men who risk there liver to save the world on...

6th June 2004 11:06


21st July 2004 07:07

heres a good idea from this guy at bungie forums qoute' I say that all of us buying HALO 2 if we jus...

6th November 2004 12:11

mine too! i love outskirts and metropolis out of both i pick outskirts

19th November 2004 04:11

Does anyone know where i can get doomedit? I want learn how to map.

13th February 2005 13:02

i love AT-AT walkers i just do i love AT-ATs do any of u guys love AT-AT becouse i love AT-ATs....

27th February 2005 11:02