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Looks very good mate. Cant wait to try your mod. :)

25th January 2004 18:01

Meadow;4530615Actually Flippy/Kev, even in BF2 vanilla being blown up by 'huge explosions' or run ov...

25th August 2008 19:08

Like I've said before I say it again, even tho the destroyable buildings and enviroment would look c...

23rd August 2008 02:08

Sire_Apple;4525148Here are some combat pictures: Hehe, finns at battles of Ihantala. :)

23rd August 2008 15:08

Yeah its amazing how one can hide behind a mattress and not get killed, then hiding behind the metal...

24th August 2008 00:08

I spy with my lil eye something starting with S... :) Another famous finnish pic from the later bat...

24th August 2008 01:08

Ts4EVER;4527440how many different Shermans do you need? Knowing FH, at least 5.

24th August 2008 05:08

So let me get this straight, you will need to give the wounded CPR before you use the miracle-dope o...

24th August 2008 23:08

I would like to try proper medics for FH2 if I am honest. I think they could work out if limited to...

24th August 2008 23:08

You knew someone would do this... Lich King pwns all sorts of other kings.

25th August 2008 21:08

/me wonders if he should post the tiger pics

22nd August 2008 21:08

Toddel;4532708[COLOR=Red]I have not seen any Working ships in FH2 so far!!!!!!![/COLOR] Me neither....

26th August 2008 19:08

Biiviz;4532748<3 Yeah I laughed at that too. :lol:

26th August 2008 20:08

"Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth..."

26th August 2008 20:08

"This map aint big enough for the two of us. :mad:"

27th August 2008 02:08

Is there a way to ignore him so I cant see his posts? :uhm:

27th August 2008 02:08

boller;4533407They called Galilei a liar and told him to shut up, too. Im not calling anyone a liar....

27th August 2008 02:08

I found the starting post to be very difficult to read properly.

27th August 2008 19:08

A beach or the beach?

22nd August 2008 23:08

My stomach is my watch.

19th August 2008 23:08

Why Wont It Fucken' Start?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1

27th August 2008 22:08

Not at this instant, no. But I have the hunch that perhaps the TV version has a longer intro. I coul...

12th August 2008 19:08

In Soviet Union, borders cross you.

8th August 2008 19:08

Are there any reasons why FH2 aint got motorbikes? Are there any plans to have motorbikes in FH2?...

9th August 2008 03:08

I watched the whole opening and I was impressed. Very nice ceremony!

10th August 2008 18:08