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it really does suck, 50% of the time i cant hit the close target in the rifle range even if i breath...

28th September 2002 20:09

Your complaining that the machine guns are too strong???!!!!! ha i would like to see you get shot wi...

2nd December 2002 08:12

we need a long range sniper map in AA, and at least 2 people on each side get it

13th January 2003 05:01

i like the jeep because it is fast lol

13th January 2003 04:01

its also good for finding your way around Weapons Cache SE lol, i have seen them, i think they are o...

13th January 2003 04:01

Alright, good for you Mr. Scrooge/The Grinch

24th December 2002 01:12

it seems as if the swear filter doesnt like the word c.ockpit as it finds the word c.ock in it.

22nd December 2002 04:12

heres my guess, the game cant find the ****pit view of the corsair (the plane on the left) so the sc...

22nd December 2002 04:12


9th December 2002 04:12

i want to see pistols

7th December 2002 09:12

i dont have that problem

7th December 2002 04:12

Bob, there probably was somebody can get you from 2nd floot through when your in the small hallway j...

6th December 2002 05:12

its same

3rd December 2002 08:12

They should have a DC-3 so you can load up 1/2 the team and drop them over the enemy base, but yet a...

3rd December 2002 06:12

mine crashed when i tryed to start a game because i had the Merciless Historic-Addon

28th November 2002 23:11

Its not in the game, you can tell that he drew that in. look at the arm.

18th October 2002 01:10

I like the "Za Stalina" on the side of the tank

26th November 2002 05:11

i know theres a server called something like "CiE Penguins no FF" or something, i go there all the t...

25th November 2002 11:11

That "weekly update" for the patch info is crap, htye havnt updated it since the stone age.

25th November 2002 00:11

If you have a Nvidia type card (TNT, GeForce, and someothers), then the Nvidia video drivers are the...

24th November 2002 01:11

that funny

23rd November 2002 05:11

if your scout, press 5 to pull out your binoculars and fire at a target. if somebody is in a destor...

17th November 2002 05:11

its a pretty bad idea, because in some maps, a lot of people want to be snipers. In America's Army,...

16th November 2002 11:11

in NBrigades's video "Owned" they got all there team ON TOP of the b-17 and stood on the wings and d...

8th November 2002 05:11

when it is zoomed in, and you fire, hold the fire button down and it will stay zoomed until you let...

7th November 2002 02:11
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