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17th September 2012 06:09

You have have a "have" tumor in your title.

7th November 2012 00:11

Sad that we need the govt to convince us what we can and can't eat.

13th November 2012 00:11

Welcome to Gamefront. Please read the FAQ, enjoy your stay here, and have fun.

12th November 2012 03:11

Isn't it a parody of Catholicism?

10th November 2012 11:11

Ziff was more "The Man" than Break is. We had to play by more rules with Ziff, and they ended up cl...

10th November 2012 04:11

Of course. Action is the lowest common denominator.

9th November 2012 09:11

D3matt;5670195The expanding debt was not Obama's fault, and bush contributed more to the debt than O...

9th November 2012 09:11

Maybe Ryojin just hacked his account.

9th November 2012 00:11

Yeah. Bush did more damage in 8 years than Obama ever did excluding our expanding debt and people a...

8th November 2012 23:11

Yeah. The gaming industry going from seemingly art and creation-driven to profit-driven has ruined...

8th November 2012 23:11

Wow. It's like Ryojin has returned.

7th November 2012 07:11


7th November 2012 01:11

It's the tumor.

7th November 2012 01:11

[COLOR="Magenta"]Ponies for Cutie Pox Sufferers.[/COLOR]

7th November 2012 00:11

Mr. Matt;5669778 We need to kick them off. It's getting ridiculous. CORPORATIONS now have Facebook p...

6th November 2012 23:11

Because I don't know how to make threads because I have the creativity of a brick.

13th November 2012 08:11

Oh. He should be fine then.

3rd November 2012 22:11

I think Obama gets the socialist tag from all of the govt. assistance programs he has and wants to i...

3rd November 2012 22:11

Wonder if it was fire ants.

3rd November 2012 01:11


3rd November 2012 00:11

So awesome!

2nd November 2012 23:11

Less drinking. More ponies.

2nd November 2012 22:11

Myself or anyone else. I would not want my jaw broken on purpose.

2nd November 2012 22:11

How so?

2nd November 2012 20:11