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Nope, still won't work :(

9th June 2009 02:06


13th May 2009 05:05

I registered on your site. Like i said there, I'll attempt to map some things for you

15th May 2009 02:05

MooMooMonkey;4890416Well, I am slightly and gradually growing fonder of the Source SDK program due t...

16th May 2009 06:05

:eek: Thank you! *kisses ground by your feat*

16th May 2009 06:05

CrashmanX;4889018Go play some oblivion, its one of the best mods ever for that game. as for JKA use,...

17th May 2009 05:05

I remember him! :eek: That was awhile ago, though ;)

23rd May 2009 21:05

*Kisses you feet* Thank you so much!!

4th June 2009 04:06

Well, that's better than anything I've ever modeled

4th June 2009 07:06

Heh, i remember this mod, i had forgotten all about it! It's cool to see that it's still going. I wo...

7th June 2009 02:06

Alright, i recently got a new computer and installed JKA on it. I downloaded Modveiw and Pakscape, b...

7th June 2009 05:06

Of course! the _Humanoid isn't in there, thanks for your help guys ;) EDIT: Nope, it still doesn't...

7th June 2009 07:06

Jonny2199;4909029It does make a difference. "Gray Fox" (gah - American spelling) is a Jedi Outcast m...

7th June 2009 07:06

plohun;4910683How is it possible to download it? Simple, you wait for it to be released =p

9th June 2009 02:06

cloudflint;4910941Indeed, we are still along way away from having a release unfortunatley. We are on...

9th June 2009 05:06

Well good luck with that dryyor, his mace alone gives me a bunch of lag! ^^

13th May 2009 05:05

Well it seems that my new Vista hates every Q3 modding tool ever made (ironically, Milkshape worked...

9th June 2009 06:06

Not just radiant, Modveiw can't even RUN! Also, what might i use to playermodel, Milkshape? 'Cause...

9th June 2009 07:06

Thanks! Milkshape is SO much harder than Gmax ;) Now i'll se what i can do

9th June 2009 07:06

Guess what? I've hit yet another snag! whenever i try to install Gmax, Fraps installs instead. I'm j...

9th June 2009 19:06

:dropsjaw: That's basically what I've been wanting to do with JKA since i installed it (except with...

9th June 2009 20:06

The_True_Sharingan;4912243 I cant wait for the Arrancar models to be released Believe me, if i ever...

11th June 2009 02:06

GlitchMasterShmit;4912899 2. uhh not exactly sure what you're asking. He's asking if he can downlo...

11th June 2009 03:06

Yeah, the dude with the U's. I can spell "Grimmjow" just fine ;) Making an L player model would be f...

12th June 2009 02:06

Ooh... interesting. Just wondering, was the second picture from "From Hell: by Alan Moore? Anyway, s...

22nd June 2009 02:06