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Gelato pwns all

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iirc, the two most useful weapons in house to house fighting in places like Stalingrad were Shovels...

6th July 2007 19:07

Yum yum carrion Spoiler: Show

6th July 2007 19:07

Emeril would never let that happen!

6th July 2007 19:07

Maybe some devs need 3D Max

7th July 2007 10:07

Stuka_fan;3780712id like a t-34 with german markings on it sweeet :flag: It's already in Kharkov Win...

8th July 2007 07:07

Are ironsights 3D? Can you still fire without the ironsights while the bayonet is attached? Can we...

5th July 2007 10:07

snotvod;3782178You stumbled on that in your daily search of scantily clad women too? :lookaround: Ha...

9th July 2007 01:07

XD Duke Nukem Forever Spotted On Store Shelves | MyGEN - PC Article Though really, release the gam...

9th July 2007 21:07

Sorry if me and Cola scared you off Jumjum :( Though really, come on tonight when it's a full serve...

11th July 2007 04:07

Gah, $45 on Amazon

11th July 2007 07:07

Imo, radios should be given to the commander and Squad Leader, and in historical accuracy tenses to...

11th July 2007 09:07

Yay! Jumjum, how'd you like the full server? :) Screenie!

11th July 2007 10:07

PR actually has a 128 person server, accessible through an .exe you have to download or something li...

11th July 2007 11:07

PR actually has a 128 person server, though it's being worked on right now due to the fact that ever...

11th July 2007 11:07

Gah, one of my noob threads =p

5th July 2007 20:07

Great post jumjum. I'm hungry now :P

5th July 2007 02:07

Kwould;3760728Have you checked the BIOS to see which is enabled? I don't even know how to navigate t...

29th June 2007 05:06

MyFox Dallas | Patience Pays Off Big for Dallas iPhone Fan

1st July 2007 02:07

Saving Private Ryan? =p

29th June 2007 19:06

airline complaint.jpg

29th June 2007 20:06

Okay. I'm typing this on my PC, but now, its on my GeForce 6100. I have not removed my X1300. Whats...

30th June 2007 02:06

Letters From Iwo Jima is a simply beautiful, amazing movie jumjum;3762291Yeah, every year or so we...

30th June 2007 03:06

Is there anything at the Texas Military Forces Museum? EDIT: Never mind, just had to look aroun...

30th June 2007 05:06

Gah. Everything was working fine last night. I was gaming some, and the PC was fine, but when I went...

30th June 2007 21:06

Sorry for double post, but what the heck...we plugged the monitor cord thingy into my X1300, and it...

30th June 2007 22:06