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update your rivers and dotn use betas

14th July 2003 08:07

what exactly are u talknig about?

14th July 2003 11:07

i cant help you wiht ur question (i only do multiplayer maps) but jesus dude, thast some nice archi...

14th July 2003 11:07

it defaults at 1900+ because it will set the FSB as low as possible when u first install it.

16th July 2003 01:07

WOW! it would be nice if u had the ak and m4 though. i love hte skins they are great

13th July 2003 14:07

what the hell is this?

16th July 2003 12:07 and please people please! use the god damn search button!!!

16th July 2003 12:07

what did the 3rd opton have to do with anything? if u r using SOF2 runner click the ip thing that...

16th July 2003 12:07

i think you know the answer to that one my firend!

13th July 2003 14:07

all i can say is wow:dance: that map is probly bett han all of single player combined

27th June 2003 22:06

dont get pissed at them. you asked for thier opinion.

27th June 2003 23:06

howdy, Me adn my friend started Duffman and Associates a few months back, and we were gonig to k...

13th July 2003 14:07

um jsut to let you nkow that you should use the search button here, and do some google research b4 p...

13th July 2003 04:07