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Im the leader of the -=FP=- Clan. FP stands for "Force Perprators". Laming is allowed in this clan....

28th December 2004 19:12

Destructo, lamers own you and others, if you continue posting like this they will hunt you.

30th December 2004 11:12

You dont have to pay. My clan has a 24/7 server, a .tk website. And it was all FREE

31st December 2004 18:12

Another member does, she has 10 pc's and she opens ports etc, i was lucky lol.

4th January 2005 00:01

I started creating a clan skin for my clan. Now its done but theres one problem. HOW DO I PUT SHADER...

4th January 2005 00:01

Ok ill try

4th January 2005 19:01

http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?t=170051 Just edit a .shader file with Notepad then put i...

5th January 2005 01:01

How to edit the SP storylines? Please help me. If lassev is here, you edited them, so tell me ur sec...

6th January 2005 12:01

k, but if he wont come here, does anyone else know?

6th January 2005 23:01

I created a cool Sim with The Sim Creator (Sims1), then i save it. But how i get the Sim in the game...

7th January 2005 17:01

Here are the rules: [color=black]Lame to your heart. [/color][color=black]Never bitch or whine! [/...

10th January 2005 22:01