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SuperSmeg;5458712Why does that sound like a porno to me? :confused: :bananal::bananal::bananal:...

24th January 2011 08:01

I wonder what he was reviewing...

28th January 2011 01:01

Done & done. you owe me one.

26th January 2011 14:01

Post a link if you want my vote.

26th January 2011 09:01

Kevin Butler;5459675Splicer probably looks like an Xbot. Hello IcePure, are you a fan of mine? If yo...

26th January 2011 04:01

Splicer is actually female.

26th January 2011 04:01

I wish I had a stalker. I feel so unapretiated :( Just run his I.P to get a location.

26th January 2011 04:01

oops.. I knew I forgot one. Already played WIC, was alright. But BFME 2 looks freakin sick, i'l...

25th January 2011 12:01

Ballmer;5459338Will there be cake? Yes, but only for muslims.

25th January 2011 12:01

I'm half way through supreme commanders 2 and already getting bored, it's way too repetitive. Played...

25th January 2011 12:01

IcePure;5458771 In addition, should I buy it for PC or PS3? I like playing zombies with my girlfrien...

25th January 2011 12:01

Banned for spamming in the spam forum... how sad.

25th January 2011 01:01

Pastrami, mayo, cheddar on rye, with a side dish of chips and baby dill pickles, the smaller pickles...

25th January 2011 01:01

IcePure;5458746This is probably one of the faster forums to load for me. Looks like it's an issue on...

24th January 2011 11:01

SuperSmeg;5458710Can I suggest that you upgrade from a 28k connection. There's this new thing called...

24th January 2011 08:01


28th January 2011 03:01

fk it took 20 seconds just for the page to load up ater I hit "complete"

24th January 2011 03:01

5-10 seconds to load each and every page, why the hell is it laging so bad? I frequent a dozen...

24th January 2011 03:01

I only watched about 15 minutes so I don't know much about it, was hoping a fan of this movie would...

24th January 2011 00:01

Saw a few scenes from an asian movie on tele but wanted to view the entire movie since it looked goo...

23rd January 2011 23:01

Peterson for president! He's got a lever action, and a cowboy hat... automatic win in my books.

18th January 2011 06:01

Sheepeep;5450663Veritably Imbecilic Prosperity Vain Indulgence of the Pecunious Valueless Investment...

8th January 2011 22:01

VIP - very important person Turn that phrase into an insult directed at gullible people wasting...

8th January 2011 21:01

you're all responsible for splicers suicide.

4th January 2011 16:01

Splicer101;5445938indeed that post was crap Hey you, why you gota hurt my feewings? what did I do...

31st December 2010 07:12