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is this you?

20th February 2004 01:02

very nice pictures Eirik navyboy :D

25th December 2006 00:12

Pictures of my grandfather in the Belgian army. He was mobilised at the outbreak of ww2 and was caug...

12th November 2006 19:11

happy keyboards for us!

14th November 2006 00:11

'[nlInvincible;3378350'] got a nice time with a particular girl hehe... was her name lëft händ ?

23rd November 2006 05:11

thanks for this nice and early birthday present :D

30th November 2006 06:11

My total collection how it is today - a k98 bayonet S/...

16th December 2006 03:12

amazing collection knoffhoff ,consider yourself lucky

16th December 2006 06:12

I also payed 300 for mine and it is also in a good condition. That are the normal prices in Belgium....

22nd December 2006 02:12

looks really nice legion and snottie. Got 2 new items today k98 bayonet Rich.A.Herder, waffenamt sta...

10th January 2007 20:01

have fun happy eirik and go catch the commies, but watch out with the pinguins though

25th September 2006 00:09

We should start a forgotten hope museum :D Great pictures

12th January 2007 20:01

best looking map in fh should be played a lot more, so put it in please.

21st January 2007 01:01

sad I couldn't come :(

28th January 2007 04:01

our sad brussel war museum with the rusty tanks and awful painted hetzer . From when is that picture...

1st February 2007 19:02

Lobo born in belgium? Nice, we can say that fh is actually belgian. Nice @donutz: everybody dislikes...

1st February 2007 19:02

Yesterday I bought the book: Der Dienstunterricht im Heere Ausgabe für Schütze, 1940 Reibert Berlin....

16th February 2007 00:02

best fh music ever. where did you find the loading song file maxa?

26th February 2007 23:02

before: Spoiler: Show after: Spoiler: Show

1st March 2007 19:03

what a nice picture : eirik lost his happy hair :lol:

3rd October 2006 18:10

whiiii happy birthday

19th September 2006 23:09

Vickers Mark II light tank

10th March 2007 22:03

Oh yes the maus :D the forbidden word

5th April 2006 01:04

It would also be cool if you set a fixed amount of 'resources' on each map. For example: Alpenfestu...

12th April 2006 02:04

Jetro-.- the allies would be out of tanks in a matter of minutes... These numbers are just an examp...

12th April 2006 02:04