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kjlissDont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like...

3rd April 2006 14:04

I go to the GFX forums sometimes. Not yet a regular though, not enough time for PS.

11th May 2006 11:05


13th May 2006 06:05

Can I join?

13th May 2006 04:05

Hahaha owned!

13th May 2006 04:05


12th May 2006 11:05

Signature Image(s) : http://media.adventchildren.net/screens/screens.php?section=official&image...

12th May 2006 11:05


12th May 2006 07:05


12th May 2006 01:05

I live somewhere really close yet somewhere so far from the place I live in.

11th May 2006 14:05

Happy Birthday.

11th May 2006 14:05


11th May 2006 06:05

Yes, I like your sight!

10th May 2006 14:05

Not bad, you have potential kid. Even though I haven't made any sigs in a while, you have inspired m...

10th May 2006 14:05

Goody gum drops!

10th May 2006 14:05

Good tutorial, I tried and came up with some wierd and fancy things, the only bad thing I find about...

10th May 2006 13:05

To End of shcool? or IB exams? I end school on the 9th of June.

10th May 2006 12:05

WoW FTW!!!!!!

7th April 2006 10:04


27th March 2006 14:03

Like I said before, I stand shoulder to shoulder with ye lads.

11th February 2006 03:02


20th February 2006 14:02

Gramorzzzzzz. yeh

20th February 2006 14:02

Is that the sword you pull from the rock, if it is that is the most useless weapon in the game, I me...

19th February 2006 04:02

So all the people in the SPAM party are now part of the Alliance?

13th February 2006 13:02

My brother played evil, he had the ugliest character possible.

12th February 2006 13:02