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Meh I finished this game a week ago. Too little weapons and too little quests. Nice customization op...

12th February 2006 05:02

Tough call, I suppose ninjas because of their slickness and badass...ness.

11th February 2006 23:02

Biochemist/Chemist, somewhere in a lab.

11th February 2006 04:02

Strength and Honor!

11th February 2006 03:02

Großadmiral DönitzDrow! Are cool.:bows:

11th February 2006 03:02

Forward bretheren!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10th February 2006 09:02

I had a cup of coffee in the morning.

20th February 2006 14:02


9th February 2006 11:02

KoЯsakoffOmg atleast you know TEH food :) Baklava is just sooooooooooooo goood.. God I can't wait to...

9th February 2006 11:02

The greatest Forgotten Realms character Drizzt Do'Urden. Reading The Two Swords now, last book of t...

9th February 2006 09:02

Well? I have one with Nelson Mandela when he was president of South Africa, I'll post it when i fin...

9th February 2006 07:02

I wish to stand shoulder with shoulder with ye lads.

9th February 2006 07:02


9th February 2006 05:02


7th February 2006 18:02

And now two of me own: They arn't perfect but i tried.

7th February 2006 18:02

Lord Wieneryou see, this is exactly what I'm talking about. If we bring back the parties, I'd have t...

7th February 2006 18:02


20th February 2006 14:02

Haha awsome pic mate.

22nd February 2006 12:02

Another one here, I still play D2 exp from time to time lvl 66 paladin.

27th March 2006 13:03

Here's mine, nothing special:

14th March 2006 14:03


27th March 2006 09:03


25th March 2006 03:03

Haha calm down man, this is just some spam fun.

24th March 2006 15:03

In Serbia you can buy bagged milk.

23rd March 2006 12:03

The plastic ones?

20th March 2006 13:03