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I want replace the Stormtroopers with Clonetroopers,the TIEpolit With ClonePolit and Luke with Luke...

10th March 2003 22:03

THREE WEEKS AND A BIT LATER You diden't die in some horible acsedent and not tell me about it did y...

8th May 2003 15:05

How do you make a .pk3 file?

12th April 2003 00:04

Oh have a vary happy Birthday Vince!

15th April 2003 02:04

go here to learn about Maya

19th April 2003 21:04

I got your e-mail but you forgot to attach the file so I diden't get it. P.S. If this version works...

24th April 2003 01:04

Smith really needs to be a model, only way to get the suit right. Same with the face, smith has a st...

24th April 2003 01:04

Get someone to inport the model in to milkshape and give her a "hair cut" should take five minutes a...

24th April 2003 02:04

Originally posted by 2TonPredator I aint being picky about that, i coulndt think of a better mode...

2nd May 2003 03:05

I KNOW its not as tight as Triniy's but its short. but also in the new movie I think its a little lo...

8th May 2003 14:05

No, I just checked it now, never got it.

12th May 2003 14:05

in case you you guys forgot what I wanted... I want replace the Stormtroopers with Clonet...

8th April 2003 22:04

BTW I have a rely cool The Matrix Reloaded desktop I made in photoshop that I made from the three in...

12th May 2003 15:05

all yours, no logos!

13th May 2003 13:05

I just got back from Reloaded and I've got to say it, Whoa!!! it was just so intense, and that last...

15th May 2003 20:05

O.K. thats strange, I'll send you an eMail. when you get it hit reply, attach the file and hit send.

21st May 2003 17:05

I'm sorry I haven't been posting I just got back from vacation. I sent the email when I posted the m...

29th May 2003 14:05

Quote: Originally posted by G-blatt THREE WEEKS AND A BIT LATER You didn't die in some horrible...

3rd June 2003 04:06


6th June 2003 17:06

I finaly got some time to work on the skin but I need the new .pk3, will someone tell me whats going...

27th August 2003 17:08


30th August 2003 17:08

Check your e-mail.

11th April 2003 16:04

Thanks a million! good luck.

7th April 2003 14:04

I don't want to badger you guys, but how's mine coming?

15th March 2003 00:03

hey I've been working on a Neo skin, but I have a mac and I cant make .pk3s so if your interested I'...

26th March 2003 01:03
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