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What gamecube game (other than RE) has the best graphics. It does not have to be out yet.

7th July 2002 02:07

I've been waiting for star fox adventures for a long time too but i'm not mad because i know that it...

7th July 2002 02:07

Hey, super mario i think you and the rest of the people that work on gamecube network are doing a gr...

7th July 2002 19:07

i was just wondering how you move up in ranking is it the number of posts you've done.

7th July 2002 21:07

your mocking me aren't you:cya:

8th July 2002 00:07

thanks thats what i thought

8th July 2002 08:07

September 30 hang in there! Meanwhile, aren't you phsyked for mario?? Oh i can't wait for mario th...

9th July 2002 19:07

nes-8 bit gb-8 bit snes-16 bit as far as tv goes i have no idea.

10th July 2002 03:07