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Hello, all! This may perhaps sound like an extremely silly question, but I need help in trying to c...

13th May 2009 01:05

Anson357;4916442My first was a guy who was good, then a guy who was evil, then a chick who spoke her...

14th June 2009 00:06

Ah, another Hitman game, excellent. I really enjoy that series. Tomb Raider, let's see where they go...

11th June 2009 11:06

blackmoon11;4913409I wish i could use the hex editor , everytime i save a file it becomes corrupted...

11th June 2009 11:06

-Section-;4913251I wasted several hours of my life rendering the WitchKing stock before I made this....

12th June 2009 00:06

Well, I'll give it a shot. I'm a noob to making sigs, but, eh. Here's my entry anyways -

13th June 2009 00:06


13th June 2009 00:06

nazoa93;4915022Yeah, I need to get more diverse saves for ME 2 when it comes out, I'm working on one...

13th June 2009 00:06

Nemmerle;4917418Evolution wise I highly doubt that any strain of human that had peace among its basi...

14th June 2009 07:06

Yes! To victory!

11th June 2009 08:06

Yeah, Half-Life: Episode 3 would have been nice to see. I was also hoping for more info on StarCraft...

16th June 2009 04:06


16th June 2009 20:06

I say that helmet looks pretty good to me. The only thing I can see as far as flaws might be that yo...

17th June 2009 01:06

Never Surrender;4920901The EU elections made me think of this, when i saw the political broadcast fo...

17th June 2009 02:06


17th June 2009 02:06

I knew James would be crucial to the salvation of mankind one day! I just knew it! =p

11th June 2009 08:06

Quick! Get Tom Cruise! He'll know how to defeat them! :lol:

11th June 2009 08:06


11th June 2009 01:06

Y e s

9th June 2009 23:06

Obsidian did Kotor 2, hence why it was such a failure of a game. Other than that, good to see Biowar...

9th June 2009 23:06

Is no your default setting? =p

10th June 2009 00:06

Junk angel;4911635I'd rephrase that.[/QUOTE] You would. But I wouldn't. :p [QUOTE=Junk angel;49116...

10th June 2009 01:06

Currently, I've picked up some of the older games in my library and started playing them once more....

11th June 2009 01:06

I would have to say that, in addition to some of the soundtracks here (including Halo and Mass Effec...

11th June 2009 02:06

0/10 Never seen you before today.

11th June 2009 08:06