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1st September 2008 11:09

:P heheh

1st September 2008 11:09

*fap fap fap* LAWLZ!!!

1st September 2008 11:09


1st September 2008 11:09

i h4x0r j00

1st September 2008 11:09


1st September 2008 11:09

I help!

1st September 2008 11:09


1st September 2008 11:09

OH n0es!!!

1st September 2008 11:09

*runs around in circles*

1st September 2008 11:09

Now make it to 60,000 before I wake up. That would be friggen awesome.

1st September 2008 11:09

I'm to lazy to look it up, but I will post what I did. Here are the steps, semi-in order: Ope...

4th September 2008 08:09

I actually just followed a tut on CNET that fixed everything. My drive was "dirty."

2nd September 2008 05:09

^^Make a new thread and explain what you have done and what you can/cannot do.

15th September 2008 05:09

Wow, after all my years of working with computers, I am just now running a disk And...

4th October 2008 12:10

is win

30th September 2008 03:09

^^LOL!!! Thats funny.

29th September 2008 09:09

Bs|Archaon;4597757 As for overclocking: 1) Overclocking utilities are awful, therefore... 2) Use t...

28th September 2008 06:09

Off topic people....rawr. Since this is a screw around with computer, are there any utilities that...

25th September 2008 10:09

The computer is a POS. It's an Optiplex GX60 and doesn't have much power. The most I'll use it for...

24th September 2008 18:09

Basic stuff. No gaming. Just basic what not.

24th September 2008 08:09

Now, I'm not talking about warez (i.e. pirated XP/Vista, Office, etc.). I'm talking about software...

24th September 2008 06:09

TriggerGod;4559726idk, and idc If she did, then good. If she didn't, give me a fucking gun. Me to.

6th September 2008 10:09

Thats nice. Umm, this is about the HP movies, not the hobbit. Oh, and another thing, they're de...

2nd September 2008 05:09

Your getting to fancy with the overlays and it is degrading the pictures. Start trying some new tec...

6th September 2008 10:09