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havent play bf 1942 in a long while, i reinstalled game and it wont connect to internet. i think i h...

10th August 2006 08:08

it says i have version 1.00.001 -cant load. and something about 1.06.001 to 1.06.101

10th August 2006 22:08

so 1.6 and 1.6b are all the patches i need? and do i down load in a certain order. and does dc and d...

11th August 2006 04:08

is this mod still around? if so what downloads do i need, and in what order. tks

22nd August 2006 00:08

hi. im reinstalling bfv on my new comp and was wondering what are the latest patches, and in what or...

25th August 2006 14:08

i need fh downloads .7 1 thru 3, right? havent played before but i have bf1942.

25th August 2006 22:08

tks rammel, i have bf2, but dont care for it much

25th August 2006 22:08

where do i dl map pack 6 from? sorry

26th August 2006 00:08

where is the dl for mp 6? tks

26th August 2006 09:08

Radeon X850PRO-AGP 256. I replaced a 9800pro with this one after lightening storm burnt it. Seems a...

22nd September 2006 10:09

im getting lag on bf1, never had it with 9800 pro. i just reformatted my hd. i dont know what is cau...

23rd September 2006 14:09

i lowered settings, but i noticed like in coral sea, my planes take off slow with little climbing po...

23rd September 2006 16:09