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Hi yall my specs are: processor: 2.6Ghz Intel Celeron RAM: 1 gig Graphics card: ATI Radeon 9200 128m...

9th January 2006 11:01

How do you run a registry cleaner?

6th February 2006 05:02

Nope it just stopped working

6th February 2006 05:02

well ive had the game for about 3 weeks now and its worked perfectly fine till yesterday so wouldnt...

6th February 2006 02:02

I get lagg with charter too we called them and they say that their line is runnin fine then we hook...

6th February 2006 00:02

When i go to join a game i click refresh and it says waiting for responce from master server and won...

6th February 2006 00:02

I downloaded the demo and it starts up, goes to the single player multiplayer icons i click one then...

5th February 2006 07:02

I have same problem I deleted the EA games folder in program files but when i chek add/remove progra...

5th February 2006 07:02

Hi yall i need some help.....I uninstalled AA and now the little icon wont come out of the add/remov...

5th February 2006 07:02

Thank you it works now

9th January 2006 21:01

Hi yall i need help with counter strike: source............i changed aspect ratio from the 4:3 to t...

9th January 2006 10:01

OK I think ill go out and buy it

24th December 2005 22:12

does battlefield run on windows 2000 or does it only run on windows XP?

11th December 2005 07:12

where do I find out if it will run?

24th October 2005 23:10

Does BF2 run on windows 2000????????

24th October 2005 12:10

thank you guys

20th October 2005 23:10

Hello guys i want to install the Desert Combat mod, but I dont know what folder it goes in can someo...

20th October 2005 00:10

intel celeron 2.6ghz 1 gig ram ati 9200 agp video card

7th February 2006 04:02