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hey everyone! i have a problem: i downloaded the nx enterprise-g study ship and installed it. wh...

24th October 2006 16:10

haha i think the thread thing should be locked since it is really off topic. :D :beer: ciao dan

27th May 2007 17:05

hi! get cg`s sovereign and also the canon quantum torpedeos by alex raptor :) the post nemesis e...

23rd June 2007 07:06

i know :) i just thought it was funny and youre right:beer:

14th June 2007 15:06

Yes Sir :p

14th June 2007 08:06

i wanted to alter sth^^ but thanks for your quick response, helped thx, dan

13th June 2007 12:06

hi everyone! i was looking in my install (km, kmpimped, tng, ds9fx) for the REMAN SCIMITAR .py har...

13th June 2007 11:06

i would like to beta test: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

3rd June 2007 09:06

what do you want from me??? i apologized and i exlpained. now please stop calling me stupid, its not...

27th May 2007 17:05

id love to see your mods too. sounds really great!!!

5th July 2007 10:07

i officially apologize for my "behavior". the question about what the gfx was about wasnt actually i...

27th May 2007 16:05

hey nikin, is that your business? i guess not, so shut it ;) plus i didnt complain, i was just askin...

27th May 2007 12:05

no thx

27th May 2007 12:05

hey there everyone, well, i just deleted the bridge commander files, pasted my backup files (yes h...

27th May 2007 08:05

omfg i was just wondering what the other staff member meant by land of volcanos because he/she put i...

26th May 2007 13:05

i mean, you just auto install and enjoy right? with a few configurations in the menu

26th May 2007 11:05

hi, i have installed GravityFX and now i get a Black Screen of Death. i have kmPimped installed...

26th May 2007 08:05

i tried everything ;)

23rd June 2007 09:06

instead of just giving the link youre telling everybody to use the search function. do you have that...

5th July 2007 16:07

whats the land of volcanos????

25th May 2007 19:05

i have the same problem

4th August 2007 15:08

there should be an affiliation tool with atp. now you have to answer a couple of question concerning...

13th September 2007 10:09

my bad, it wasnt in the readme but in the comments section #10 - * Attention * - Posted by: BlackR...

19th August 2007 14:08

its somewhere in the readme, really. i think you need to rename a system to dysen or so, but it IS s...

19th August 2007 11:08

youre wrong jimmy ;) i am interested in your screenies and i think theyre very nice, keep up the w...

13th July 2007 17:07
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