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WANTED: Jedi Knight Master ------------------------------------------------- we are searching for...

22nd August 2004 23:08

There isnt a version out for WA yet , soz!

21st February 2006 03:02

"I aint no god damned son of a B***h!" Love that! But TBH they wer asking for it , i mean they wer s...

18th June 2006 16:06

A Chaos god would win easily! Slannesh destroyed practically the whole eldar empire!

24th May 2006 22:05

What i dont get is why they left that bunker :confused:

13th May 2006 03:05

Hi , whenever i am using the map editor at random times the camera will automaticlly go straight to...

17th April 2006 13:04

There is no unit limit on ogryn's,, kasrkin, or guardsmen. But u have 20 infintary cap and ogryn's t...

17th April 2006 13:04

U can just buy Half life 2 , that comes with Cs:s , DoD (Day of defeat) , and Garry's mod =P

13th April 2006 19:04

Do u know anywhere that i can find a decent map making tutorial?

13th April 2006 19:04

Well , i think that they should add another sub-catagorie so there would be Win , Loss , Draw and Dr...

25th March 2006 22:03

You gotta use the attribute editor in the rdn tools!

25th March 2006 22:03

There isnt any minatures because u have to convert normal marines to make em!

22nd February 2006 04:02

Can u complain at 1000 cap , think of the battles =P

11th February 2006 17:02

i would be honored to join ur clan just tell me wer to find u :band:

30th August 2005 19:08

And also if u want to make some 3D models u will need 3DStudio max , which cost's a bomb!

26th January 2006 23:01

U dont download the graphic card! just search for updates to your graphic card!

27th December 2005 03:12

Yay! ive been waitin for this!

17th December 2005 20:12

Finally I can get back to making some maps!

3rd December 2005 20:12

there is already a witch hunter mod.........

4th November 2005 01:11

u need the rdn (mod) tools just search mod tools or summin on the search on filefront

2nd October 2005 17:10

yeh cus alot of maps are formatted to 1.3 patch so they wont work with anythin lower.

2nd October 2005 14:10

well my advice if u want all that stuff is get the steel legion mod that has yarrick , weapons teams...

2nd October 2005 14:10

isnt there already a baneblade and theres an assasin that aint much different from cad snipers

2nd October 2005 02:10

I really want to play winter assult but whenever i try to install it there is this error that says "...

24th September 2005 13:09