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Hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone knows how to how to fix a problem with Medal Of Honor Br...

7th October 2004 07:10


18th November 2008 01:11

Life itself.

18th November 2008 01:11

Welcome to FF. Enjoy your stay.

18th November 2008 01:11

Acer Aspire 5101i ---------------- AMD Turion 64 (2ghz) 15.4inch screen ATI Mobility Radeon x1300 25...

18th November 2008 01:11

Very nice flow, colors, placing and depth. o.o 9/10 But I think the part of the gun is bit too brigh...

18th November 2008 01:11

I'm Spider-man and I'm about to kill the whole mankind.

18th November 2008 01:11

Pretty nice looking screenshots you got there.

18th November 2008 01:11

ANGRY FACE Anyways. I like the simplicity and how your username is placed. Also it's a very clean s...

18th November 2008 01:11

How do I shot web?

17th November 2008 21:11

Hi ther.

18th November 2008 02:11

Here's something I tried. I hope you like it.

18th November 2008 05:11

18th November 2008 14:11

RAM that is... awesome. o_o

18th November 2008 21:11

19th November 2008 01:11

I can't sleep.

19th November 2008 09:11

8/10 Because it's fun.

19th November 2008 09:11

19th November 2008 09:11

I like the pic of the person-who-name-I-can't-remember, since it has a vector look and it's placed n...

18th November 2008 00:11

I like the Farcry Files banner alot. Good work. The signature is pretty good too.

16th November 2008 21:11

8/10 Bit too glowy. =p

20th November 2008 20:11

And more. :)

15th May 2008 21:05


5th May 2008 21:05

Nice improving you got there, comparing to the older works. You should try to use blending settings...

7th May 2008 19:05

More. ^^ I gots a new avatar! >:)

8th May 2008 02:05