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What are the units of the Corellian security and the Kaminoan resistance ? :confused:

11th August 2009 12:08

I really feel sorry for you, but you should not give up. My laptop broke and I had finished about 26...

9th September 2009 18:09

teckstar68;5015819Thanks man! i forgot to search for jedi sivil war :D Your welcome.

23rd September 2009 19:09

I think there is a mod on filefront. Here is the link. this BTW, I didn't make this mod. I hope...

23rd September 2009 19:09

Mobius13;5012790wow.. triple post... I just released a Storm Commando model on EEAW and ModDB...

22nd September 2009 17:09

It looks better than the one on wookiepedia. :bows: Happy anniversary. :Party1:

9th September 2009 19:09

vjeko1701;5002127Sorry to hear that, bad luck, but I believe that you will recover. Try to have th...

9th September 2009 19:09

Sounds nice. BTW, good work on the latest one. You rock, Wiz.

9th September 2009 18:09

We can curse :p, if we can't then please stop before you get banned. And again persevere and don't q...

9th September 2009 18:09

Sorry for the double post, but this deserves it: I have bad news :bawl:: the laptop that I was usi...

9th September 2009 14:09

I have a couple of questions to ask: 1) Is it Ok to get models from FOC to EAW? 2) Do I create damag...

9th October 2009 18:10

Deleted - General Kz

9th September 2009 10:09

Awesome re-rigs and models!!!!! :bows:

7th September 2009 23:09

vjeko1701;4998915Really? Well I will release a fix for it ASAP. BTW, do you like the snow versions...

6th September 2009 18:09

zThreerOhx;4998672There are several other Bounty Hunters I was working, but at the moment someone ha...

5th September 2009 23:09

Off topic, Isn't the Hutt Cartel a faction in FOC? If it is, then no one has the right to claim it...

5th September 2009 22:09

Good work again. To fix the MDU problem, make two versions of versions of all of the planets (edi...

4th September 2009 17:09

Warb_Null;4995069:rofl::rofl: Nominated for best post of the year. The Sarcasm is dripping from my...

2nd September 2009 17:09

Good work, Grig.

2nd September 2009 12:09

Welcome back!

5th October 2009 16:10

Thanks, S-com.

9th October 2009 19:10

Good job, Warb!

30th August 2009 13:08

Hey Mob, I really like your model! :rock: The only thing that I can say is that, it would be bett...

9th January 2010 22:01

Hey Ralpho, ralpho37;5311204Cancel that last question, but I have a new one now...[/QUOTE] Instead...

4th May 2010 19:05

redgroupclan;5303499"This application has failed to start because d3dx9_36.dll was not found. Re-ins...

4th May 2010 18:05