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u must put the new ini file in C:/programfiles/ea games/cnc generals/data/ini If it came from the ob...

8th March 2003 02:03

I created a new unit. its just a battleship that launches cruise missles but when i start it up it s...

28th March 2003 12:03

i fooled around for 6 hours and found that i had on semi colon missing AAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH...

30th March 2003 02:03

here it is. im still working on it but i figured id release the beta.

31st March 2003 00:03

i've posted bout 5 mods on generalsfiles and they wont take them. says there cheats and they dont su...

31st March 2003 12:03

sure. but i would wait until i release my final version. im still working out the final bugs. it lau...

1st April 2003 00:04

Here ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Object Americ...

4th April 2003 00:04

how much does that P4 3.06 ghz with awesome mother board cost??? and ur getting the new ATI 9800 vid...

4th April 2003 12:04

I had an idea for a program for generals but i, personally dont know how to write programs. Any way...

15th July 2003 21:07

thats just an example, but it would make combining different parts of mods. Ive had tons of emails a...

17th July 2003 23:07

if u need an ini editor email me. [email][/email]

21st July 2003 00:07

ive been working on a cruise missile mod for the battleship. the missile goes straight up and then t...

21st July 2003 00:07

Can someone do a littlebird model with the miniguns and missiles from blackhawk down? just a suggest...

26th July 2003 00:07

im fairly good at INI editing. if ya need help email me. [email][/email]

26th July 2003 00:07

ok. i dont have any of them mods yet. thanx

26th July 2003 17:07

if you want to you could try to put the launch pad from the tomohawk on the battle ship more a mod i...

27th March 2003 13:03

Inyri Forge;4752501Fine, fine. [COLOR=Purple]*Plays with General Nuker's dragon.[/COLOR] Finally,...

4th January 2009 02:01

Damn it all to hell!!! Why won't you work!!

28th December 2009 02:12


28th December 2009 02:12

Hai2u OMFG :cya:

10th November 2009 16:11

My motherboard decided it was going to recognize my 1TB hard drive as 32MBs. 5 hours later, a shit...

5th January 2009 21:01

FedEx just pulled in the drive!!

5th January 2009 16:01

FedEx should be here tomorrow.

5th January 2009 01:01

ma thread :(

4th January 2009 02:01


28th January 2007 03:01