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Please help! When I input Battlefield 1942 to install it, the menu does not appear. Then I go in my...

25th October 2004 01:10

Hey whats up

2nd October 2006 04:10


30th September 2006 02:09

Killer Kyle;3246624You know, the worst way to become a mod is to beg for it. Sucks because you can'...

30th September 2006 04:09

Pooie! The default password for my router WRT54G was admin and I have a super big problem.. I c...

30th September 2006 04:09

The 10 second thing worked... I would only do it for 1 second thanks man.

30th September 2006 05:09

It seems I have modship now. And no I didnt need to give butt secks to a admin, I had to give them d...

1st October 2006 05:10

Ja sie ist queer.

1st October 2006 21:10

Ok Contains the Addon files of CBT,VS, and FCM needed to play on the ever so popular BDA server....

2nd October 2006 00:10

SOoooo hot...

2nd October 2006 00:10

Playing air soft

2nd October 2006 04:10

I say its fair as long as they keep provideing with patches and such.

30th September 2006 02:09

Kikoo your hot

2nd October 2006 04:10

Lol, why would you buy a rts game on a console.

2nd October 2006 04:10


2nd October 2006 05:10

Dont let this thread die!!!

3rd October 2006 02:10

All the kids my age all look stoned. Except for some of my good friends, most of them have gotten st...

4th October 2006 03:10

Thanks mate, well done.

7th October 2006 03:10

Vent costs money Teamspeak 2 is free.

7th October 2006 09:10

For reasons My upload via comcast is absolutely horrible so can someone host the BDA- Beer Drinkin...

30th September 2006 02:09

Indeed, most mods should have simply tons of things like Red Orchestra to put in... Some use less th...

29th September 2006 01:09

Sup guys, I have been having a problem with my ping for awhile now... Router: WRT54G Cable Modem:...

9th October 2006 00:10

United States/ America

23rd September 2006 05:09

Yeah I do, her name is Stacy and she not a slut/whore. 2 points for me w00t

17th September 2006 19:09

I ate your nuts with peanut butter jelly in time.

18th September 2006 20:09