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i had a fight with the old lady and uninstalled the game damm and she snapped the disc . so i did a...

10th October 2004 05:10

It is pretty good, but i think that you can only build certain ships on certain planets should be al...

5th January 2007 21:01

Well, the Empire used it the most. According to Battlefront II, the Rebels used it too, but that g...

19th December 2006 23:12

I think you should add the Droideka Mark I to the Consortium too, but remove the planet limits on th...

24th December 2006 19:12

I don't know what it is, but i think it is a Protodeka.

24th December 2006 20:12

I wanted to know if there are models of these ships. TIE Hunter Jedi Starfighter Givinex-class Sta...

24th December 2006 21:12

Merry Xmas all!

25th December 2006 18:12

Thanks all, i'll dig a bit deeper in these forums.

25th December 2006 18:12

Ok, back on topic, how far is work on V6? Will it be for FoC? Since i'm waiting for a good mod for...

25th December 2006 18:12

You mean how to corrupt a planet? You need a Defiler. Drag it into the Spread Corruption slot.

25th December 2006 19:12

Yes, i would like the new units in Skirmish too. I noticed many things were from Bailknight's mod...

25th December 2006 20:12

I'd say do a Geonosian. Maybe an Ewok.

5th January 2007 19:01

About the TIE Fighter thing, didn't the Starvipers use Buzz Droids? I think it is pretty balanced,...

7th January 2007 22:01

Kalo Shin;3432032Aha im sorry about that. It's ok. No offense taken. :)

19th December 2006 22:12

I found some bugs whilst playing: No Textures: Assault Gunboat Providence Lancer Executor Also...

14th January 2007 06:01

Yay! TIE Hunter! I like that one in Rebel Strike. It was about the only TIE Model missing, i think a...

14th January 2007 07:01

Is that mod on the French site in English too?

14th January 2007 07:01

What are all the planets you are going to add?

15th January 2007 23:01

I'd love to see these: Rebels Space: *Mediator-class Star Defender. These units were the stronge...

19th January 2007 06:01

I'd really like the addition of Earth as a planet, just as an "Easter Egg". :)

19th January 2007 06:01

Yes, i also want the World Devastator! I don't think an Earth map would be that hard, it doesn't n...

19th January 2007 06:01

z3r0x;3492003Aurra Sing as a UW hero and magna guards as tyber zann bodyguards. We are also consider...

20th January 2007 05:01

I want to adjust the Lucrehulk and the Providence scale in Z3r0x's FoC Mod a bit. What coding do i n...

21st January 2007 00:01

Thanks. Do i also need to change it with the death clone? And the scale factor is now 1.0 If i...

21st January 2007 00:01

Sounds very interesting. What exactly is going to be in it?

21st January 2007 00:01