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I have been wondering how to edit sounds for AA. I have a whole bunch of great sounds to use and rep...

25th November 2002 03:11

1. Band of Brothers I would like to see Das Boot and Stalingrad though, I've heard they are pretty...

28th April 2004 06:04

McGibsA multiple map Iwo jima would rock. Like one landing, one airfield capture (or hill 362 would...

25th April 2004 23:04

*hits the refresh button 50 times*

26th April 2004 04:04

Yes! Awesome models/skins, I especially like that FG42.

26th April 2004 05:04

for 50 years... for 50 years they kept him there facing 4 walls of concrete and a small, thick sli...

26th April 2004 06:04

lumpehBoB needs White Cliffs of Dover playing on a radio at the airfield all processed and EQ'ed for...

27th April 2004 03:04

Mast3rofPuppetsLooks cool, ive always wanted to play as a german in a single player WWII game. SAME...

27th April 2004 04:04

Ah, the TB-3, love shooting that thing down in IL2fb.

27th April 2004 06:04 There you'll find reference to almost every german uni...

28th April 2004 08:04

Anlushac11Early War - Ivan has BT-7, T-34/76, KV-2 Mid war - Ivan has BT-7, T-34/76, Late War -...

25th April 2004 11:04

Hans von Luck.

29th April 2004 10:04

I'll get some pics up soon.

4th May 2004 03:05

Alright, I took these shots with the help of a friend (gecko). Fall of Berlin Battle of Rome...

4th May 2004 08:05

So, how about we talk about FH .62 again?

4th May 2004 09:05

Their next COD better be about Germans or Japs... otherwise this series is becoming very repetive.

7th May 2004 03:05

1337 MG42ManiacI heard the leaders in BFE were a bunch of n00bs too, though I heard theres some grea...

7th May 2004 11:05

Fw-189 A-2 "Uhu" reconnaissance aircraft. Bf109 G-6 "Gustav"

8th May 2004 22:05

I believe tanks and other vehicles were landed by those huge Gigant german gliders in crete.

25th April 2004 11:04

Russia rules. That first plane looks sweet.

23rd April 2004 10:04

My vote goes to Wartime Command, since I am a fan of WWII tactical games like Combat Mission. I loo...

11th May 2004 04:05

I just got it yesterday and was playing around a bit on a 50 player server. For some reason I was g...

9th April 2004 22:04

The correct torpedo bombers definitely need to be implemented. I also hate it when I see people usi...

7th April 2004 11:04

Beast of WarSome things the devs want cannot be done with the bf1942 engine, so it will never be com...

7th April 2004 11:04

Will all cockpits eventually be so damn good looking? :)

7th April 2004 21:04