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Is there anyway to expand the ICON Tray where you pick your models or skins? I seem to have it full.

1st April 2003 07:04

Wow, that would be nice, I like your Idea's also. I currently skin Vampire's and I'd love to work on...

26th March 2004 06:03

I could make a skin, I didnt know that game was out?? I was waiting on its release. Give me refrence...

26th March 2004 06:03

Sounds like a major P4 issue here. I know some of you said " no way " But, I have a fx 5700,AMD anth...

7th May 2004 07:05

AMD's do rock, and IM amd hardcore. But i wont put pentium down. Its juts personal prefrence.

9th May 2004 08:05