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When is a brush not a brush, a texture not a texture? *G* Hey Ominix32, is this where the best map...

1st May 2002 23:05

well I like to remain in control of my posts, so I would hate to be banned anywhere, and its too bad...

3rd May 2002 13:05

How to make pk3 (for winzip version 8+)

21st May 2002 03:05

I would like to post some tutorials & stuff with images, but beta, ie change them after comments...

21st May 2002 04:05

I used the ai_list1.pk3 to practice on, extracting and repacking till I got everything working smoot...

21st May 2002 07:05

Been swapping heads/skins trying for an ensemble feel to my SP in progress. If there's interest I co...

21st May 2002 11:05

Good Resource/Bad Forum *G*

22nd May 2002 07:05

Thanks, I think the whole thing kind of exciting but I am also a little nervous about it. Funny, b...

22nd May 2002 12:05

Boy was I wrong, can't delete, can't post images AND can't edit after 720 minutes??? Er Uh 60 x 10 i...

23rd May 2002 11:05

Its been a llllooonnggg four days so I am really glad the forum is back online *G* hope I can post s...

28th May 2002 10:05

"Password?" "Swordfish!" Funny, it always works for the Marx brothers ???

29th May 2002 00:05

All the screenshots look spectacular, love the lettering on the chem factory!!

29th June 2002 10:06

Doesn't the new RTCW Gold Edition include only the WolfRad SDK?

7th July 2002 00:07