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Edit: Download Removed - Please read post 2 down GIDustin

15th April 2003 12:04

What I would do is all models and pics for each unit will go in a seperate folder and if the user wa...

20th April 2003 02:04

New download link Temporary mirror until the other sites get their sht together. :D GIDustin

15th April 2003 12:04

The airstrip icon is a flag. Fooled me the first 4 times I played. :( GIDustin

19th April 2003 00:04

At the moment, all I can do is websites. So if you need one, I am available. GIDustin

19th April 2003 10:04

Ironically, I have never seen an episode of GIJoe. :D GIDustin

19th April 2003 23:04

I wanted to do something similar to this for another game, but gave up due to the game starting to c...

19th April 2003 23:04

At this point in time, websites are all I can do. I am trying to learn INI editing but not having t...

20th April 2003 01:04
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