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its not only my mouse, but yea my mouse freezes up too, and i get littl freezes every 2 seconds for...

17th August 2004 02:08

Jedihunter;4084595I'm not clicking a one of them due to Rick Roll possibility. I've learned not to...

12th December 2007 02:12

yes, thats possible.

30th December 2007 20:12

Sorry I'm double posting a thread, but I wanted to make this question in a separate thread. I was wo...

30th December 2007 07:12

Alright, well i have a good setup that runs Halo PC very well with all the graphics turned up and th...

30th December 2007 07:12

I have Doom 3 all correctly installed on my computer which is running Windows Vista Premium, my syst...

29th December 2007 02:12

I would rather them work on a new IP, how about we just a decade and half so they can make some preq...

13th December 2007 02:12

Funny thing to note that the person got killed in the parking lot of a church called "New Life", sou...

13th December 2007 02:12

Will an x8 compatible video card work in an x16 slot?

11th December 2007 02:12

yes I have

1st January 2008 01:01

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get to where they keep the music files in for Halo PC...

9th December 2007 00:12

Dafama2k7;4044196A TIP... Do we want to use the Nightmare mode (Skill 3) but do not want to loose h...

26th November 2007 14:11

ummm, all of the AI'less npcs are named Joe if thats an easter egg.

26th November 2007 14:11

Dafama2k7;4054981Open the console and make sure of that...: set net_LANServer "0" This have to be...

26th November 2007 14:11

i like to this

25th November 2007 17:11

It scares me when he says, "Its going to be doom, but its going to be something different."

19th November 2007 14:11

umm,just browse the console commands and it will answer everything.

15th October 2007 14:10

no it doesn't

1st January 2008 01:01

whats the point of it?

9th January 2008 13:01

Mapster;3963340Again refering to mars. The idea is that they opened a portal that was not yet finis...

8th October 2007 14:10

for a million reasons, would just happen to know how?

24th March 2008 01:03

So I am having this problem with the game's difficulty. I started a game on Veteran difficulty and...

31st July 2008 02:07

Wow, looks nice and atmospheric, keep up the good work.

27th July 2008 18:07

Am I the only one who rather would play in 30 FPS than 60 FPS. I literally think that games are bett...

26th July 2008 15:07

Well i tried it right now and it didn't work, could there be anything else I could try? You know, d...

2nd June 2008 14:06