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Posted by LysdesticYeah, gizmo, what the hell? I'm 40 now. I was 22 when I registered this accoun...

2nd August 2020 14:08

I do miss our Battlefield sessions though and MP gaming in general! Hopefully in the near future. I...

2nd August 2020 14:08

Posted by RadioactiveLobsterI bug you for forty god damn years on STEAM to jump in the Discord and y...

2nd August 2020 14:08

Facebook or bust tbh.   

1st August 2020 23:08

The impudence! The audacity! The unmitigated gall!  ...OK, disabled. 

14th March 2018 06:03

Posted by FileTrekker He's now the real deal. Mark Kaminsky though, is the Raw Deal. 

14th March 2018 06:03

Sap, buddy. 

13th March 2018 21:03


13th March 2018 19:03

I think so. Nathan recruited me; however I didn't realize our old accounts were still here, but when...

13th March 2018 19:03

Posted by MadMikeyB surely. I see what you did there and I like it.  

13th March 2018 18:03

Mobile compatibility. Bout time, Jefferson. 

13th March 2018 12:03


13th March 2018 12:03

Al, what can I say that you don't already know? On a personal level you won't be missed because we'l...

12th October 2006 09:10


6th October 2006 08:10

Hmmm. I think I just post jumped...and at the sametime might have figured out what causes it! *runs...

6th October 2006 02:10

UBRS (3 man team to get to the mobs that drop) - Greater Fire Protection Potion Recipe. WPL - Ooze'...

15th January 2007 04:01

MrFancypants;3462378 I'm mostly interested in PvP, so restoration is not exactly what I'd like to do...

8th January 2007 11:01

Update :) ScorpsterNice giz, seems a lot of locks now have the felguard. Day after the patch with a...

8th January 2007 11:01

Whisperwind (PvE)

8th January 2007 11:01

First week was an awesome experience as everything was new. First time getting a mount. First time h...

9th January 2007 13:01

It was a technical issue on Blizzards part. It's since been fixed. :nodding:

15th January 2007 04:01

Pic# 1: Geezmo the day after the patch, with my new pet/talents. Pic# 2: When the BG's go down! (d...

13th December 2006 06:12

Red Menace;3523626So I’m on a nearly full server and Outland was an absolute lagfest. I decided unti...

2nd March 2007 06:03

SasukeUchiha7;3559625blizzards games are good but they lack social things Halo 2 online play was so...

2nd March 2007 06:03

Checked and didn't see this posted, I do believe it just started yesterday. I was actually at blockb...

2nd March 2007 07:03