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Most 24 pin PSUs come with a 20pin converter aswell as the required 4pin secondary atx plug.

3rd November 2004 18:11

Get a fan&heatsink that supports the top model XP CPUs. Make sure you have good airflow in your...

3rd November 2004 18:11

Im from Norway, my views are only directed at Bushs foreign policy. I sympathyse greatly for 9/11. I...

3rd November 2004 08:11

Is that a videocard fan? Looks like a regular 40mm to me.. I wanted to overclock my old Asus v7700...

3rd November 2004 07:11

Can you point out atleast 5 good reasons for why you belive Firefox is so bad?

3rd November 2004 06:11

Your mainboard supports up to 4 HDDs. Go crazy :p EDIT: About Steam, your steam account makes it po...

3rd November 2004 02:11

I downloaded the manual for your motherboard but cant determin if there are any status leds on the b...

4th November 2004 20:11

I downloaded the manual for your motherboard and did some reading. Apparently your 3 plug card supp...

3rd November 2004 02:11

Actually you just made me unsure.. :p Whats the name & model of your motherboard?

3rd November 2004 02:11

Your link isnt working, its redirected to the "product overview" page. What is the board called?

3rd November 2004 02:11

If your motherboard only have 3 audio plugs it doesnt have surround capabilities. You need a new sou...

3rd November 2004 02:11

Mast3rofPuppets:bows: Glasius :bows:, you're my hero! I will never tell any Norwegian jokes again....

3rd November 2004 02:11

The power converters your looking for are sold in most computer-part stores. Never bought one mysel...

2nd November 2004 20:11

It is caused by having an extension that is installed which isn't compatible with Firefox 0.8. Tabbr...

2nd November 2004 20:11

-Some ATX mainboards require two seperate plugs to function. One of them has 4-6 pins, the other 20-...

1st November 2004 20:11

Aye! That is pherphaps the most important step, get rid of IE!

1st November 2004 20:11

Rightclick my computer ---> Manage ---> Disk managment

1st November 2004 08:11

Im scared. We have plenty of oil and a shitty army.. :p

3rd November 2004 22:11

Many of your claims are beyond you and me to argue because Msoft hasnt released the coding for IE fo...

4th November 2004 21:11

Thank you Imperian.

17th November 2004 21:11

Operative34997Wow. By not having a fan on the CPU's heatsink, I hope you mean that you plan to use l...

12th November 2004 22:11

In the E3 2004 Full demo of HL2 there is a poster on the wall which Freeman passes that shows a pict...

17th November 2004 21:11


16th November 2004 17:11

13 hours :D /me getting some coffee watching the countdown.

16th November 2004 02:11

Does anyone know when bots will be enabled on CS Source? I heard rumors they are adding them as HL2...

16th November 2004 02:11