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:confused: hi im new to the whole modding thing but everytime i try to extract files to the game jed...

26th May 2006 00:05

ive tried helpusobi 1 and devmapall but when i press enter nothing happens

28th May 2006 07:05

well how do i do it in a bot match

28th May 2006 08:05

i need to know what exactly to type and how to type it ...(im new)

28th May 2006 08:05

is there a faq for this

28th May 2006 08:05

errr.......youve never tried

28th May 2006 08:05

whats the map name 4 taspir

28th May 2006 08:05

ok so its /devmapall/ffa5

28th May 2006 08:05

thanx 4 the help man. srry 4 all the trouble

28th May 2006 08:05

what exactly do i type to play music files ive downloaded to jedi academy

28th May 2006 11:05

4 some reason when i enabled cheats using devmap all it wouldnt disable i even restarted my pc and i...

28th May 2006 19:05

then what should i do

28th May 2006 22:05

even taspir is missing a lot of textures

28th May 2006 22:05