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you're a n00b. find out on your own. besides, noname is for n00bs.

24th April 2007 03:04

SpPwN;5031970just reskin havok trooper doesn't work that easily.

10th October 2009 18:10

whatever floats your boat, i'll stop spamming this thread nao in attempting to get a message across....

13th October 2009 18:10

that's great. now put something on the table worth eating. mr. kalek, i must say the gray variant o...

13th October 2009 18:10

General Jaxun;5034745Hm, slightly a bummer... I'd do it, if I knew how... But, now I'm starting to...

12th October 2009 07:10

put some lawn chairs in that last one facing ds.

11th October 2009 16:10

Kalek_Dakar;5033220Ok I'm sorry but nobody is more badass then the Fett-Man except Solo possibly (j...

11th October 2009 04:10

General Jaxun;5032809Mumbo-jumbo relevant to your skin request, stupid. not really, this entire pag...

10th October 2009 18:10

if you think cad bane is a total badass, then clearly you've either never heard of boba fett or seen...

10th October 2009 18:10

minilogoguy18;5035996A DF mod and DF2 mod would be better than anything being made right now cause t...

13th October 2009 18:10

it sure ain't from Star Wars.

8th October 2009 21:10

General Jaxun;5029645You know, people should really take up these requests more often. I mean, come...

8th October 2009 01:10

heavymetalgungan;5029326Thanks for the video GMS, I'm gonna make several maps that go together to ma...

7th October 2009 20:10

General Jaxun;5029192Eh, I can't screenshot consoles. I don't have FRAPS. don't need fraps. you jus...

7th October 2009 17:10

the hero of army of darkness is named ashley, and he's a dude.

7th October 2009 17:10

new york city - Google Images there. pics of NYC.

6th October 2009 18:10

birthday perhaps?

13th October 2009 18:10

cool gun though.

13th October 2009 18:10

A better New York city (not based off Spiderman 3) needs to be made. With a real Statue of Liberty.

6th October 2009 02:10

or (respectively) shutting the fuck up and stop crying over your request not being fulfilled.

20th October 2009 13:10

Xu'an;5046273The one on the right is better, in my opinion. yeah

22nd October 2009 02:10

at least the graphics are better.

22nd October 2009 02:10

wait a sec. you're the guy darthtyren on GT cuz he posted the exact same thing.

21st October 2009 20:10

wow, possibly the best reborn skin to ever exist?

21st October 2009 20:10

actually mr. colt, us RPers see this as a new life for JA. so, kindly gtfo with your trolling statem...

21st October 2009 20:10