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:confused: I Get kicked out of the map for having Inadequate O/S Privelages:mad:

20th September 2004 10:09

Hey, a while ago I turn pak001.pk4 into a zip file, and now I can't turn it back into a pk4 file, I...

9th June 2007 05:06

I tried to going to the multiplayer thing and when I looked for servers. none showed up! What's wron...

16th May 2007 04:05

When I was alpha labs sector 1, I threw a gernade into a couple of zombies. But when the gernade wen...

19th May 2007 04:05

No, I haven't downloaded any mods for the game yet.

20th May 2007 06:05

I have the 1.3.1 patch.

21st May 2007 02:05

Well, yeah. But it didn't disappear when they by ment to by the game, it was should've dissappeared...

21st May 2007 06:05

Maybe becuase you have the Pk3 files or maps that servers has, you have to have the EXACT same map a...

29th May 2007 06:05

NO! The only reason you can't play doom 3 multiplayer is becuase you haven't d/l'ed patch 1.3.1.

4th June 2007 05:06

Hey, I'm wondering if their any Babylon 5 ships already made or being made, becuase I just geting bo...

5th June 2007 13:06

Uh no, your idea of having a lost sould possess the marine and marine going back to earth sucks.

21st June 2007 11:06

Actually, an idea for gibbing would to stop human monsters (including commando) from gibbing and hav...

13th May 2007 04:05

So, so the game didn't have music in the levels during the game. So? Alot of games didn't do it eith...

21st June 2007 11:06

Hey, I need help spawning the Hell versions of demons ingame, can anyone please give me the codes to...

25th June 2007 14:06

But is there a mod taht does taht for me? Changes the skin of the monsters.

27th June 2007 08:06

Dude wtf up with your graphics?

1st July 2007 00:07

I think your a let down, I think bfg is just fine, the projectilles they use is ok, BECAUSE IT'S THE...

4th July 2007 00:07

You gotta remember doom is like 14 years old, and if you don't know already, doom is what started th...

4th July 2007 00:07

Actually if anything, I don't doom is comparable to Halo.

7th July 2007 01:07

Dafama has anyone ever told you your new mods suck?

12th July 2007 00:07

You know dafama you should really stop trying to advirtise your mods on other people threads.

12th July 2007 00:07

I'm assuming that there are much people who think this game is very good than any other game, or the...

13th May 2007 21:05

Daemon Hunter;3663063whats a phobos routing station OMG, you don't know what the Phobos Routing...

11th May 2007 07:05

hey, I want to know what kind of mods that the demo of STBC can use. I know you can use a new textur...

29th October 2006 02:10

Well, when I try to install most of andruil's ships, like the connie and phoenix. They don't appear...

13th March 2007 14:03
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