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IDF is a Hl2 Mod HL2 Mod & Community :cya: at this time only a forum, the page come's later onl...

22nd August 2004 18:08

chimpmunk is just a fag who like to sit on his fat ass and crit. every1

30th December 2005 10:12

again KICK ASS!!

20th September 2005 06:09

tos is no longer lead by evilmark sry man

28th September 2005 05:09

slagging the recruiter is no way 2 start... but u can apply on ww.gods.co.nr if u haven't already

28th September 2005 05:09

well it gets looked at within a day or 2, and our clan is awsome for getting back to you

1st October 2005 22:10

wtf r u smoking we're no GOD rip off and if that website doesn't work try www.guysondrugs.tk or refr...

15th October 2005 05:10

lol trust me it wasn't my idea on the name, but what ever if u looked at the website it does give a...

21st October 2005 06:10

Are you still mad about being kicked out of GODs "terror"

30th October 2005 01:10

we're still recuiting, we're looking for ppl who know how to play, so if u dont, dont even ask..unle...

30th December 2005 10:12

lol i was just defending myself be4 u jumped on me, i got nothing personal against u, just dont insu...

31st December 2005 08:12

i dont like it at all, it didn't just nerf defs it nerfed most of chaos' units the sorcer is only 80...

13th September 2005 07:09

did u post it on the forums b/c i didn't c it, also u'll need 2 have a game w/ me, or w/ 1 of my win...

31st December 2005 10:12

if u thought it was ugly then...u shoulda seen the x-mas colors :-x

31st December 2005 10:12

or the changer could turn into shroomz and get the bloodthirster high and ...halucinating (i know i...

31st December 2005 13:12

yah unless they rush in the 1st 2 min, even then its hard

31st December 2005 13:12

www.gods.co.nr, post on forums, in the recuitment section, we're busy monday and the 4th so be patei...

1st January 2006 13:01

easy 2 stop the lag...make um have a small pop..like 6 per squad

1st January 2006 13:01

lol they kicked me chipmonk in the clan match, be4 we satrted playing he wouldn't do something after...

11th January 2006 04:01

i quit gods, my new clan is MoTu http://s15.invisionfree.com/MoTu/index.php?act=idx

13th January 2006 08:01

how? :P

14th January 2006 09:01

not really, good distraction fast way 2 get across feild, to get past a couple turrets, if the rhino...

13th September 2005 07:09

kick ass!!

6th September 2005 04:09

I am the recruiter of the GODs talk 2 me ppl :deal:

27th August 2005 05:08

i slept on it and Khorne should be attack bonus, slaaneesh should be speed, nurgle would give a defe...

30th August 2005 23:08
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