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I was wondering if someone here could make a scope view for me. its pretty simple... From the movie...

21st June 2003 02:06

I like the Urban Legend of the "Exploding Toilet." It would be asking to much of me to tell you the...

20th October 2003 20:10

Lord WienerWhat I hate though are Japanese game shows where the contestants drink themselves to unco...

17th October 2003 02:10

Here is mine from the SOF 2 Mapping & Skinning Forum" [box]I was wondering if someone here coul...

17th October 2003 18:10

LOOK AT ME! IM GONNA HUG A TREE AND SAVE EARTH! Who really cares aout the enviroment? I mean come o...

17th October 2003 18:10


17th October 2003 23:10

I wanna see the EOD mod :)

17th October 2003 23:10

That wasn't funny! Plus, I didnt slap it, i gently carressed it with a "love pat" :) J/K Good Times...

18th October 2003 00:10

Isnt it wierd how the last couple days seem to have never existed on GF? Users were wiped out, threa...

20th October 2003 20:10


17th October 2003 00:10

Me thinks AzH is working for the government...

20th October 2003 21:10

CrashGeforce 2 Mx (shhhh i know) I am "still" glad Im not the only one stuck with it!

21st October 2003 02:10

*looks suspiciously around at fellow GF members and reaches for 9mm in back pocket*

21st October 2003 10:10

Maybe the government controlled penguins took ditchhoppers formula to keep it a secret from the alie...

21st October 2003 20:10

HEY WHERE DID MY "KILL THE N00B POST GO?" I was going to edit it to say "oh yeah welcome to GF" but...

21st October 2003 21:10

LOL dont turn this into a SE bashing thread :D

21st October 2003 21:10

ZeRo, you sir are a gerbil. Plus you smell kinda funny...

17th October 2003 02:10

I get high on life! "Drugs are bad, m'kay."

17th October 2003 00:10

Dont be scared of me, Im as cuddly as a big black demonic teddy bear :)

22nd October 2003 00:10

well if ya want we can get on MSN and transfer it

14th October 2003 23:10

CONAN has: am masturbating bear, coked up werewolf, saddam hussein, and a guy named raymond that pas...

14th October 2003 10:10

GO HERE: http://www.gamingforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=245 Announce your cl...

14th October 2003 10:10

did sumone say evil tolip?

14th October 2003 19:10

BUT CONAN HAS A MASTURBATING BEAR! btw, Jimmy Kimmel is a close second :)

14th October 2003 19:10

wow that lloks sweet, lol can anyone say jeep bombs?

14th October 2003 21:10