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I Came up with a single player mod idea, just thought I'd throw it out there see what interest I cou...

12th October 2004 09:10

25th September 2008 00:09

I will play most Giarabub. Italians and the Aussies, ohhh. :yum:

17th September 2008 18:09

'LIGHTNING [NL;4581800']Nah, I'm busy writing today's update. :o :goal:GO LIGHTNING!:goal:

17th September 2008 22:09

Zcorpio;4588009I suggest you bring back the good old crosshairs from BF1942/FH1, the cross with the...

20th September 2008 20:09

Zcorpio;4588171Did you ever play FH1? No.:( My fault.

20th September 2008 21:09


24th September 2008 16:09

Biiviz;4596265 :lol:

24th September 2008 21:09

we need some color on that picture.

26th September 2008 22:09


16th September 2008 18:09

Driving pwns cycling.

4th October 2008 00:10

1. Anti-tank guns = Uber bofors killer.;) So, now is the first problem fixed.

6th October 2008 19:10

Tobruk 1942, PIAT.

8th October 2008 23:10

Uuuuooooooo neoneoneo! Firemens too the rescue! *edit* Ohh no, im too slow. SGT are faster than me...

14th October 2008 19:10

Awesome update! You guys made my day!

16th October 2008 21:10

The future will never come.. NIBIRU! :devil:

17th October 2008 21:10

YAAAHUUUU! I guess as usual on Piat.

23rd October 2008 00:10

Wait. It will be a news update today?

17th September 2008 18:09

Well, I agree with Stefan F to 100%. But perhaps I did not express it clearly. I just wanted to say...

12th September 2008 19:09

I drove my L6 in mareth line when I found this bug. When it does not shoot. FIRE!...

24th October 2008 20:10

Please nilloc93, go back to vanilla BF2.

7th September 2008 17:09

Nurenig;4554675WW2 Started when Polish forces attacked a German Border Outpost. German Counter Attac...

3rd September 2008 19:09

Nurenig;4554695Allied Propaganda :P But seriously sad time in human history but without WW2 we wou...

3rd September 2008 19:09

Jensen;4554846Why not? The French and the British told them they would support Poland if they ever w...

3rd September 2008 22:09

Pointe du hoc!

4th September 2008 20:09