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Hi, Long time since i visited but i get a problem i cannot seem to start a cod server on linux redh...

21st September 2005 16:09

What is a autostart_cod? i dont get it? And here is the confi //*********************************...

25th September 2005 02:09

Cracker Just run it like u do for cod and put a & after it or install screen and use command sc...

10th February 2006 14:02

i think ur card might have gone boom as u say u cannot run any others . Try reinstalling drivers whi...

11th October 2005 05:10

Loulouit said cod has error and needs to be close. then send to microsoft or don't send. can it be...

10th October 2005 09:10

Ok latest Update i run as Root and the COD server same files runs good so where is the problem can s...

9th October 2005 15:10

Well than what seems to be problem is it cause server is 64 bit or something? and os is redhat 9 ? a...

26th September 2005 01:09

Could it be cause that the server has probably no video card and no video memory allocated/?

25th September 2005 11:09

ooh that dude who pasted same error is me i pasted it almost all over the world to find the solution...

25th September 2005 10:09

OH and same error is for coduo also . So can someone tell me what is wrong?

25th September 2005 09:09

look again at my edited post it never got solved.

23rd September 2005 09:09

ooh well even after fresh upload still same error just dont know what is the reason.

22nd September 2005 10:09

ok just added u . Ok even did reload of the files and stilll same error

22nd September 2005 15:09

tallyWhat hunkmeg setting are you using? Sorry What ? i dont understand and how u define the size...

22nd September 2005 15:09

Nope Still same error

22nd September 2005 15:09

ok dude just go to this link and look at the main and cod folder it...

22nd September 2005 14:09

reuploaded fresh files and still same error . i am so :moon:

22nd September 2005 14:09

even did fresh re upload of files and still same error , any more suggestions?

22nd September 2005 14:09

ok sir i download another patch that patch was from fileshack got any other download link and do u k...

22nd September 2005 13:09

So what is the solution to the buffer problem?

22nd September 2005 12:09

To rename a file in XP (windows 2003 is way cooler) . Go to Run type cmd and it open a black screen...

10th February 2006 14:02