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so sorta like announcements? timed announcements?

17th April 2005 04:04

dont use custom scopes.

29th April 2005 02:04

alot of them do. you know when a server has the gfm prefix before the actual name.

28th April 2005 09:04

check your settings. you might have it where you may tanks only or something like that. otherwise, t...

28th April 2005 09:04

all i can say is amazing. great job!!!

28th April 2005 02:04

another place that you might wanna go to help is actually on the forums here. http://forums.filefron...

28th April 2005 02:04

ownt. :)

24th April 2005 05:04


22nd April 2005 05:04

put it in your CoD foldier...IE directory should be C:/ ----> Program Files-----> Call of Duty...

21st April 2005 09:04

it helps posting in the right place.

21st April 2005 04:04

hey gopaloo its funny, i love those servers too. last summer i played on the 82nd AB daily. I see mi...

21st April 2005 03:04

|LP|The Lost Patrol German Front Mod <82ndAB> Tactical Realism LMAO CTF server 1

20th April 2005 09:04

They should of had pvt. elder from the 82nd lol :P

17th April 2005 08:04

to what i heard, there are a crapload of hackers in BiA. :(

17th April 2005 04:04

and you wonder why you were banned.

17th April 2005 04:04

it just happens randomly. i doubt activision would say anything because its a big company working on...

16th April 2005 20:04

1) the flying tank!!! 2) a bit cornered, heh? couresty of my pals at the 82nd airbor...

10th April 2005 06:04

one word: no.

16th April 2005 20:04

i think the pig waas the sexiest of em all rofl

15th April 2005 02:04

if you have back pak files, you most likely have to get the CD replaced by activision.

14th April 2005 22:04

you might need to get an update for PB.

14th April 2005 22:04

so this is true....i heard things like this before, but i never believed it... wow. PS: yeah,...

14th April 2005 22:04

it happens all the time. just refer to another type of program when it happens, like X-fire/ All See...

14th April 2005 00:04

nah its yahoo suing x-fire for patent insurement or something like that.

14th April 2005 00:04

...lets not forget that there is still a patch to come out.

12th April 2005 02:04