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I'm pretty sure they had 1 ISD secretly at the end of the Clone Wars.

24th January 2007 09:01

Sith Lord, I thought I sent you your assignment. And Whipstersh, I'll PM you. Sorry, I've been reall...

24th January 2007 09:01

Whipstersh;34965691700 planets!?!:eek::eek: :lol:

22nd January 2007 13:01


22nd January 2007 13:01

Deadman_T;3496183even though an original clone did fight for the rebellion and even so, they can jus...

22nd January 2007 12:01

Yeah, it will build units I wanted ingame, but didn't have space to give it to the factions.

22nd January 2007 12:01

"[...]the governments of the people are better than those of princes." - Machiavelli It means do wh...

22nd January 2007 11:01

That is how I started.

22nd January 2007 10:01

EDIT: It seems to be based off of the Luke skin. The belt and medal is the same.

21st January 2007 11:01

CLONECOMMANDER501;3492779Hey Gorbeh can you post a pic of the skin? Which one?

21st January 2007 03:01

Cobra01;3488308hey Gorbeh...wassup...anyway i was thinking we not add ALOT of planets unless your pl...

18th January 2007 06:01

Looks great. One of my favorite ships.

20th January 2007 06:01

Love it!

20th January 2007 06:01

Vaders_legion;3489839how about, you make the legacy class stardestroyer from legacy era 120 aby, btw...

19th January 2007 07:01

Deadman_T;3491161personally i don't think the World Devastator should be added i mean it is just a b...

19th January 2007 07:01

I'm not angry. I just was wondering why I was being attacked.

18th January 2007 08:01

Actually our forum works, so go here if you want to join: http://animefreaks.forumwise.com/animefrea...

18th January 2007 07:01

What is a Goliat?

18th January 2007 06:01

Deadman_T;3488589how about buildable clone units for all factions on Kamino like, at-te, at-rt, laat...

18th January 2007 06:01

No, just revived Sith, remnant Confederacy, and Yuuzhan Vong. I had at the start (before I made this...

18th January 2007 06:01

Well, I'm glad that I'm not doing all the coding anymore.

16th January 2007 10:01

I always manually install it. I hate when things are easy. Probably why I like windows so much.

16th January 2007 10:01

What is done: Nar Shaddaa Roche Kejim Victory II frigate Peragus Ison Corridor Yoda's space unit V-w...

25th January 2007 12:01

Do you know of a hex editing tutorial. I spent a good half hour looking for one.

15th January 2007 14:01

The_Sith_Lord;3485064Why Warlords was shutdown? Because codeuser kept getting criticized for it, bec...

16th January 2007 02:01